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Cementless Hip System, type PCN

The Metrimed PCN Type implant is a single-use uncemented endoprosthesis, made from tissue-friendly material.



The geometry of both stem is designed to be congruent with the Shenton line, resulting in a large contact area distributing the load evenly. This is favourable from bone point of view reducing the strain.


Metal heads

The prothesis head is attached self-lockingly to the conical neck. The spherical heads are available in three different diameters (26 mm, 28 mm, 32 mm and 36 mm) and fitted with conical (tapered) holes providing six different neck lengths, with an increment of 4 mm (R -4 mm, N 0 mm, H +4 mm,  EH +8 mm,  SH +12 mm,  HH +16 mm).


Cementless Cup

These sockets are designed to be implanted without cement. They consist of two components – the acetabular shell fitted directly into the natural acetabulum (pelvic bone) and a plastic insert fitting into the shell. For primary fixation, the acetabular cavity should be 2 mm under reamed than the outside dimension of the acetabular shell. The external surface of the acetabular shell is manufactured with a rough porous coating to ensure bone ingrowth (secondary) fixation. In terms of quality, particle size and porosity, the coating (Ti+HA) is identical with that on the stem.

Asymmetrical plastic insert is available for anatomical variations of the acetabulum.