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Unicondylar knee prosthesis, type UV

METRIMED’s UV Type unicondylar knee prosthesis is designed to treat extensive unicondylar pathological changes of the knee joint.
It allows the surgeon to correct mal-alignment and mild instability of the knee joint, restoring the ligament balance and knee function.
Major characteristics of the femoral component are
  • anatomical gliding surface
  • broad assortment of sizes
  • high-strength shape confirmed by strength tests,
  • anatomical shape providing firm, stress resistant prothesis-bone contact
  • the prosthesis can be implanted with a small amount of bone removed,
  • the metal component is a tissue-friendly high-strength castable cobalt alloy,
  • fixation by cementing.
Major characteristics of the tibial component are
  • broad assortment of sizes enabling adjustment to knee geometry,
  • flat-surface fitting to the femoral component resulting in articular stability,
  • The shape provides a strong bone-prothesis connection,
  • “marker”wire enabling follow-up,
  • cement fixation.