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MCN Instrument Set for PCN Cementless Total Hip System

The MC-implantation instruments of PC-type cemented hip-joint prostheses can be used for implanting the PCN-type cementless hip-joint prostheses, except the series of acetabular reamer heads and trial acetabular inserts. The instrument set is completed with the acetabulum strike-in tool and acetabular-insert lifter. The resized acetabular milling heads and trial acetabulums – compared with the cemented ones – can be used for forming and determining the accurate size and shape of the accomodating cavity of the „press-fit” acetabulums.
Compared with the cemented prosthesis stem of the same size, the cementless stem has a cross-section larger by the thickness of the cement. Accordingly, they can be implanted with the use of the same type of rasp (MCM 10), provided the size of stem is also identical in either case.