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Bipolar head

Bipolar head

The purpose of the BCK type bipolar cervicocapital head is to replace the natural femur head when the acetabulum is intact. To set the joint geometry the 26mm diameter prosthesis head provides different neck positions.

The BCK head is attached to a polyethylene bearing, which absorbs the dynamic shock and reduces the friction. The friction between the outer surface and the natural acetabulum is minimalized by the wear-resistant and polished finish, and reduced relative motion between components.


Metal head

The prothesis head is attached self-lockingly to the conical neck. The spherical head is available in 26 mm diameter and fitted with conical (tapered) holes providing six different neck lengths, with an increment of 4 mm (R -4 mm, N 0 mm, H +4 mm, EH +8 mm, SH +12 mm, HH +16 mm).