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Cementless modular revision stem, type RMN

Modular revision hip prosthesis stemThe modular revision hip prosthesis is a single stem which is designed  for:- revision surgeries to reimplant femoral component loosening complicated with fracture.- femur fractures of patients who have hip prosthesis in situ.- fractured femur as an intraoperative complication.The modular prosthesis consists of two main components. The distal and proximal prosthesis components have anatomical design to follow the shape of the femur, they can be implanted on both left and right side, the anteversion degree is adjustable according to the patient anatomy  and they can be locked distally dynamically or statically.

Proxymal part:

This product is available in 3 different sizes and for easier setting (right/left, regarding antetorsion) the marks show the size of the sets. The connecting section of the proximal body is compatible with any METRIMED hip prosthesis head.

The primary fixation of the product achieved by wedging into the cavity created by the special instrument set and the secundary fixation is achieved by the Ti-HA coating on the outer surface of the component.

The implantation process does not require bone cement.


Distal stem:

The stem’s radius is 2500mm suiting best for the average bone size and shape of European population. Both proximal and distal stems can be set for both left and right side. There are marks to guide and help the surgeon to set/find the desired position.

The surface of implants has Ti+HA coating apart from the distal end.