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Instrumentar pentru proteză de genunchi unicondilară – MTU

Extensive pathological changes on the surface of the unicondylar joint can be treated by implanting METRIMED’s  UV-type unicondylar knee prosthesis. Axial corrections can be performed, and the ligament function can be restored in the event of a slight lability of the knee joint.

The MTU-type special implantation devices  enable accurate and reliable articular substitutions and shortens the time of operation; their use is recommended for successful operations and minimized risks.

Basic materials of the instruments are
The metal basic materials of the instrument sets are stainless steels complying with EN standards; to meet the arising stresses, they have textures capable of austenite or martensite transformations. The plastics employed here exhibit a safe thermo-resistance at the temperature of hot air sterilisation.

Surgical indications
The unicondylar prosthesis can be used in the initial stages of genicular arthrosis, when the surface of the cartilage is damaged only uni-segmentally. The surface of the femur and/or the tibia is damaged in the medial or lateral sector, but there is no pathological change in the femoro-patellary joint on the opposite side. The damaged surface of the cartilage may lead to an axial position of the lower limb different from the normal physiological one. The joint has an intact internal stabilizing apparatus; the transversal and the lateral ligaments are functioning properly.