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Instrumentar pentru proteze de șold cimentate – MC

METRIMED’s MC-type implantation instruments can be used for the proper and safe implantation in the human body of total hip-joint endoprostheses Types X07, PC and RPC manufactured by METRIMED Kft.

The instruments comply suit the requirements of medico-technical directive 93/42/EEC of the European Union.

The instruments can be used as supplements to general-purpose surgical instruments for the performance of special surgical duties, from planning the operation to its completion.

The metal based elements of the instrument set are stainless steel complying with EN standards; to meet the arising stresses, they have textures capable of austenite or martensite transformations. The plastics employed here exhibit a safe thermo-resistance at the temperature of hot air sterilisation.

The expectable dimensions of the prosthesis components can be determined with the use of X-ray templates in the planning stage of the surgical operation.