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Spine implants, type CK

METRIMED’s CK-type spine stabilizer implants are appropriate for the vertebras location’s correction and creating the unity of bones.

The implants are made from titanium alloy (Ti 6Al 4V, ISO5832-3) and polyether ether ketone (PEEK, ASTM F2026) for human use. The hollow stabilizer components are produced in lumbar and cervical forms.


Advantages of implants made of PEEK:

X-ray transparency, which ensures the transparency and checking of healing process by making normal X-ray. Compared to the metal implants, rigidness of this type of implant is lower, so it comes near to the rigidness of the surrounded bones. It reduces the concentration (tenseness) of the affecting force to the bone and helps the healing process.

Implants made of PEEK contain a titanium alloy (Ti6A14V) wire to ensure follow-up.

The lumbar and cervical stabilizer components are only for single use in human!